Who We Are

Hebron Ministries International

Hebron Ministries, founded in 1979, is a fellowship of ministers from diverse denominational backgrounds who minister in many countries of the world. Since the beginning, Hebron has had headquarters in both the United States and in Guatemala, Central America, and is presided over by a ministerial board. The members of this board come from various countries and denominational backgrounds.

The first part of our name, "Hebron," refers to the place where Abraham lived for many years. Hebron means “association” in Hebrew. According to Genesis 14:13, Abraham experienced an association or unity with others in Hebron. This unity was surely part of the reason why he was able to obtain the victory over those who had taken his nephew, Lot, captive, as seen later in Genesis 14. Hebron was also the place where David was anointed twice — first as king over Judah and later as king over all Israel. Psalm 133 reveals the spiritual relationship that exists between unity and the anointing. The anointing oil will flow where there is unity of the brethren.

Regarding the second part of our name, “Ministries,” the apostle Paul explains in Ephesians 4:11 that Christ has given several ministries to His Church. These ministries are for the entire Body of Christ, not only for certain sectors of His Body. Anyone who has received one of these ministries has been called by God to edify the Body of Christ as a whole, and not just to bless those who are members of his particular denomination. With regard to God-given ministries, we have adopted the motto, “From the whole Body, for the whole Body.” This refers to our conviction that the Lord has called His ministers from the whole Body of Christ, and that He has given them for the whole Body of Christ — that they may be a blessing to all true believers.

Hebron has attempted to live this message and not just teach it. For this same reason, for many years, our seminars and ministerial institutes have been blessed by teachers from many different denominations. Some of these ministers are well known in the Church throughout the world; others are not so well known. Any minister who is walking uprightly before the Lord and has received a message from the Lord can be a blessing to the Body of Christ. We, too, have tried to be faithful in sharing with others what we have received from the Lord. Hebron has given seminars to pastors and leaders from over 100 denominations and organizations in different parts of the world.

Since this ministry began, Hebron has held and promoted a missionary vision. Due to this vision we have equipped, sent out, and supported missionaries who have gone to many different countries. We have also had the privilege of helping and supporting missionaries sent by other organizations.