Hebron Ministries has partnered with Acceptiva in order to provide you with the best possible security for your private and confidential information. Acceptiva’s system is considered to be the very best available in Online Donation systems. Their system allows us to provide access to all records related to your contributions. Their system provides you with the ability to donate any time safely and without concern for the security of your information. Acceptiva provides data security using the latest and most current data encryption technology available.

When you create your account, you will choose your own login ID and password. If you forget or misplace that information, the system can email it to you. Only you have access to your account information through your own login ID and password. Please remember that no one at Hebron Ministries will call you at anytime and ask you for your ID, password, or anything related to your personal account information. If you have any issues or questions related to the security of your account, your giving experience at Hebron Ministries, other issues related to your account, or your account set-up, please feel free to call during business hours, Monday thru Friday and talk to any of our designated staff.